WordPress Headaches

WordPress is really quite good for a lot of stuff and a complete bitch for others. Setting it up at first takes moments and adding/editing articles is effortless. The user and category management is suitably simple and logical. Changing the theme and style of the site as easy as editing a css file and moving a few lines about in index.php. BUT adding in plugins can be a bit of a nightmare!

Subscription to comments just isn’t playing the game at the moment, I suspect this is because it is not playing nicely with the nested comments thingy. I’ve ruled out the php mail() function (in that it defintely doesn’t work but the SMTP hack I’ve added does).

Anyway, I recommend no one subscribe to the comments on this post as I shall be largely mucking about with the code to try to get it to work and you may suddenly discover you get a deluge of comment notifications!

Edit: I’ve fixed it! It was indeed a problem with the nested comments plugin as described (and indeed cured) here at comment number 85.

Much happier now!