Welcome to Vista

So my cute wee Apple iBook G4 died and I’ve had to get a new machine. It keeps having segmentation faults, the poor thing, and I’m pretty sure that the RAM is busted.

The speed at which I needed to get some sort of replacement ramped up the agenda today as I’ve managed to break my third laptop from work in as many weeks. Result: New Laptop, which has arrived with Vista installed – since there was no choice but to get it!

The thing reboots three times during the Vista Startup Experience which takes bloody ages. I can’t find any thing on the start menu. The old hot key shortcuts bring up random different stuff. Internet Explorer doesn’t seem to work with my work’s (MS Exchange driven) webmail. It is very flashy but not particularly shiny, if you know what I mean.

So I’m putting it to good use by downloading and burning the Ubuntu 7 Beta, I may then even attempt to get the thing working in a Xen environment if I’m feeling keen.

And there you have it, download complete. I’ve seen it, I’ve used it, I didn’t like it.

Veni, Vidi, Invisio.

3 Replies to “Welcome to Vista”

  1. It’s finished the download of my ISO file. I can’t find it! I’ve no idea where windows has put it and seraching for “.iso” in the “Advanced Search” doesn’t find it. OMG this sucks.

  2. Ubuntu Feisty is running lovely. Sadly I’ve discovered that Toshiba have disable Intel Virtualization though so I can’t run Xen until I bully them into releasing a new BIOS with the feature enabled.