I’m Back!

It has been a long time coming, but the old www.thom.inuk.com has been needing to be updated or decomissioned. The former is tricky because it doesn’t live on webspace with pretty things like MySQL or PHP so we are forced to resort to the latter.

My old LiveJournal Blog has been sadly neglected for a long time so it’s about time it also got suitably revised or ditched.

Finally I’ve become involved with The Plan which meant I needed to get to grips with a suitably powerful piece of blog-management software like WordPress.

The result of this is the sexy new PracticalUseful.com website which uses aforementioned WordPress, has old LJ posts imported and will (gradually) have any other useful tip-bits from the old thom.inuk.com site transported over.

Everything is currently a work in progress and I, notoriously, have little time to devote to it.

7 Replies to “I’m Back!”

  1. Hmm, so here it is? I like it, but I have to say I hate the anti-bot code enteringa at the bottom. I understand it’s a mostly necessary evil, but still, it’s an annoyance. Probably better than having to get people to log in to the system, though.

    Glad we’re making headway. Hurrah!

  2. Yey, the plan is coming along. I know that the code bit is nasty but I think it is necessary. Can we thread comments in an LJ style way?

  3. The code bit is DEFINITELY necessary, if we don’t want our comments filled with adverts for v1@gra and the like! An anti-bot code is easily the best way to prevent spam, particularly when we are not going in for registering and stuff…

    Alex, comments can be threaded; there is a hack for that which I will try out shortly.

  4. Is it the Authimage hack that you used to do the security thing? Because I’m direly in need of a spam blocker already on my blog. But I’ve been trying to install Authimage all evening with no luck. I don’t think my web hosts support FreeType. Help!

  5. Yes it is the Authimage hack and it took a little bit of hacking to get it to play properly! I’ve emailed you details of what I did to get it to play the game!