Vint Cerf on the Past, Present and Future of the Internet

Vint Cerf, founding father of the internet and Chief Internet Evangelist at Google has an interesting piece on the BBC’s The Tech Lab on the past, present and future of the internet. From the article:

The internet, however, stands poised to become the greatest communications platform humanity has ever known. It has profoundly increased access to information around the world, and it has likewise provided a platform for free expression on a scale unimaginable a generation ago.

He discusses the amazing rate of expansion of the medium, compared to say the telephone or TV, and addresses upcoming infrastructure concerns and comments on the increasing power of the Internet to affect all of our lives:

The idea that all the world’s knowledge could be discoverable not just by humans but by programs acting on their behalf at speeds well beyond the superhuman, is one of this century’s most exciting opportunities.

Interesting stuff and worth a look…