To the EU: Microsoft OOXML

Alyn Smith, Scotland MEP for the Scottish National Party, has replied to my letter about MS OOXML.
Update 8 May 2008 22:08
Alyn’s policy adviser has now sent a letter on his behalf to Meglena Kuneva, the European Commissioner for Consumer Protection essentially cc’ing my email and asking if the commission is aware of the issue and what they are doing about it.
Update 14 May 2008 14:47
I have received a reply from Struan Stevenson of the Scottish Tory MEPs which has been added as a comment on the original thread. They are also asking the commission for more information on why this has been allowed to happen.
Update 15 May 2008 09:56
A further email from Struan Stevenson has arrived, appended to the comments; The Directorate General for Competition has this matter on their daily agenda and has written to all EU National Standards bodies, the investigation is open and on going.