The Novel Begins

Well it has begun! I’ve met up with a bunch of other Glasgow Nano-ers and even started my novel. It has only reached the dizzy heights of 702 words (only 49 298 to go!) but hopefully at least one or two days will not be as busy as this one was so I can back on the required 1667 words per day quota.

The novel begins thusly…

The last of the sunlight was painting the horizon a vivid shimmering gold, the brightest star Companion was already shining high in the sky, bathing the field in which the young lovers sat with a pale blue sheen. The young male leaned a tendril over his beloved and caressed the green fur on her back.
< < What's that light in the West? >> She asked him.
< < It's the Companion, silly! >>
< < No, she is up there. >>
He rolled over to follow her gaze towards the opposite horizon and blinked at the oncoming wash of light.
From space one could see a bank of light breaking out from a fold in space and spilling across the system and over the planet. Fine gossamer threads broke out from a gash in the heavens and rolled over like sea anemone’s fingers dancing in the tides then raining out across the vacuum, falling strands of angel’s hair. The band of expanding light raced past and on out into the depths of the darkness, passing in less than the blink of an eye.
The Companion’s steely glare still washed down over the planet’s night side. On the surface, neither the two lovers nor any of their species remained alive to look back at her beauty.

Remember that all excerpts are from a VERY rough first draft, that is after all the point of the Nano process!

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