Stranded in Scotland

What a week.

The preceeding weekend was obviously too much fun for the Laws of Karma to leave me be. Last Friday evening was a night out at the casino here in Newcastle in celebration of my birthday, the Saturday was spent gently recovering and enjoying the wonderful Love All the People, an anthology of Bill Hicks material. Sunday I rolled on up to Ayr to see the family and late on Monday afternoon I headed across Scotland for my one and only site visit of the day.

There the Good Karma ends.

I’m waiting in the car park for ten pm to roll around there in Rosyth (the change required some equipment being turned off and so had to be done out of hours) when the snow began to fall. By the time I had finished at ten thirty a full scale blizzard was on the go. I decided to head back to Glasgow and hole up there in a hotel rather than make the journey south to Newcastle. That was one scary drive – I have never seen the M8 quite like that, it took two and a half hours to get across.

Tuesday I rearrange a couple of jobs that need doing in Glasgow and got them done. Bought a new pair of shoes because the old ones are leaking and prepared, once more, to head south to Newcastle.

I hadn’t even passed Hamilton when the Funny Noise starts and the steering on my little car goes All Wiggly.

To cut the rest of the story short, I have just arrived back in Newcastle five days later than planned and 380 poorer. The car also needed new shoes, brake shoes, and a bunch of other stuff too.

Sometimes I regret naming that car “Emelda”, I have gone through an awful lot of brake shoes…