Sorry Eddie

I just upset Eddie Mair on the Radio 4 PM program. Sorry Eddie, I couldn’t resist.

So I was listening to PM today, as I usually do when I have the opportunity, and Eddie reported that Big Ben is to fall silent for a month and therefore something must be found to fill the last few seconds of the slot before the six o’clock news and invited suggestions on the blog. Previously when Big Ben was out of action PM ran a fantastic wee sequence of bird songs however a whole month of that may prove excessive.

I hopped on and suggested the following:

The PM theme tune! I can’t believe no one has suggested it already. A whole month of wallowing in the nostalgia followed by the unbelievable relief of stopping again when we get Big Ben back!

Moments later I received a personal reply from Eddie, live on the PM program:

For anyone who suggests bringing back the PM Theme tune on the blog, I’m going to come round and take your radio away.