Short Selling

So how easy is it to short sell?

Pretty easy.

1) Watch BBC news to see the result of the vote on the bail out.
2) When news arrives that it has not gone through, log on to Paddy Power.
3) Bet ten pounds the DOW will close below 10566 at 5-6
4) Profit. DOW closes at 10404 10365.45*. Collect £18.33, gain of £8.33

Not bad for ten minutes of no work.

* The DOW was even lower after wrap up calculations.

2 Replies to “Short Selling”

  1. Thought I’d re-invest my short-selling gains by betting on a further FTSE collapse tomorrow but Paddy Power now says “This market is currently unavailable.” for all financial market bets. I guess they reckon that further economic meltdown is all but inevitable. I concur.