Racoons in Scotland?

Racoon As I was coming up the M77 from Ayr to Glasgow late last night a creature scampered across the road in front of me. I’m pretty sure it was a racoon. Apparently they were introduced to Continental Europe from Southern Mexico but I can find no mention of them being in Scotland. The tail of the creature I saw was ringed and the general dimensions fit though it seemed thinner than most pictures I’ve seen, it was however scampering flat out across the motorway near the new 24 hour Tesco.


One Reply to “Racoons in Scotland?”

  1. Hey, I have also seen the creature you have describe on a country road betwee kirriemuir and Brechin. It was quite small and nimble but looked exactly like a racoon. At first i thought it must have been something else but noticed that no other scottish mammal fits this description.it was sitting in the middle of the road and we thought it was just a hare then it hopped to the verge and curleds round and trundled with quite a curved yet chunky upper halfand accross the road much like a trotting cat. the long ears and black/white stripey tail were most noticeable.