Pump up the Tires

Bicycle pumps by matsuyuki Was totally washed out at the end of yesterday – it has been an intense few weeks with several large projects all going on at once, many 18 hour work days and two trips abroad later it is perhaps no surprise that I was ended up a tad exhausted.

I hate having the wind taken out of my sails like that! It is such an anti-climax after the hard work that I had been putting in. What caused this sudden turn in the weather at my back? I finished one of the big projects – got it all signed off – and next thing I know my voice had given out and a hacking cough has appeared out of nowhere. This morning I delivered the baby to the nursery and then came home and slept (in between coughing fits).

All of which goes to show that the idea that working more than 40 hours a week is counter productive is quite correct – I worked almost eighty hours of overtime in the course of three weeks last month. And now that the big hurdles are cleared and the adrenalin levels begin to lower, what do you suppose has happened to my productivity?

I’ve perked up mightly over the course of the afternoon though, after the long if slightly fitful snooze I awoke with a headache and more lethargy. A dose from our paracetamol stash didn’t shift the headache, and although I felt more rested I still felt weak. It then occurred to me that I hadn’t done anything recognizable as exercise in the course of this huge long work marathon, so I dragged myself out of the house and onto my bike. A half hour of pedal pumping later I was feeling much better. A coffee and a relax then the half hour run back home and I was feeling positively human again.

Before starting the ride proper, I nipped up to the local bike shop and their air pump to get my tires nicely hard and ready for the road. I realized that this is exactly what has been missing in the past few weeks; not taking the time to pump up my tires has meant that all that hard work was an even harder slog than it perhaps needed to be.

So it’s back to the office tomorrow, but I’ll be a little late getting in because I’ll be taking the scenic route on my bike. Getting my body fit enough to support my mind again. Putting a bit more air back into my tires.

3 Replies to “Pump up the Tires”

  1. For teh short time that I was working over 80 hours a week on three jobs all paying shite (two of them commission. Read: Oh ha, you thought you were getting PAID for this? You dip!), I was half dead all the time. Try not to do that. It’s awful.

    Also: invest in a good tyre pump. You can get quite little ones that fit inside your bag, do the reverse inflate thing, and are very light. They’re not cheap, but are well worth the cost in the long run. Get one with the clip that fastens on and releases with a snap without letting air out! My tyre pump lives permanently inside my bag. With tiny 20″ tyres, a little loss in pressure is felt quite soon… but I can sort it immediately, or repeatedly, if it’s a puncture, and the thing weighs less than half a sandwich.

  2. I totally agree, someday I’ll stop the long hours and constant “connected” behaviors.

    Never flew so far to not be of any use, thanks for being there.