Novelling Continues

Day three and I’m at 4585 words, most of which feels like it’s decent material. That means I’m 416 words behind the day 3 target but as I’ve just reached the natural end of the first chapter, that’ll do for today.

Met a bunch of the other Nano-ers at Mono today for a write-in meeting. It was good fun and we all got a good bit of word count done. The coffee there is really excellent and I had a veggie-bacon panini which really tasted surprisingly like bacon. We’ll be back next Saturday for more of the same.

A check of the NaNoWriMo’s forums reveal that there is a write-in happening in Derby on Wednesday which I’m going to drop in at since I’ll be in that neck of the woods at the time.

Everything is continuing to flow very naturally, I remain confident that this year I might actually cross the 50k finish line!

An extract from today’s work:

Daniel’s blue floral patterned dress arrived first as The Elephant’s sub-system downloaded his avatar’s skin and filled in the details. For Daniel the base furniture of the bar appeared as blocks of solid white and quickly filled in with texture, building the scene around him. Little booths with old red leather upholstery lined one long wall, the bar bedecked with rows of optics of brightly coloured fluids lined the other. The back wall was a huge glass frame looking out onto the Serengeti plane where a family of five elephants could be seen playing in the water at a bayou. A huge elephant gun, with the two meter barrel tie into a wreath knot, hung above the bar, light flicking across it as the ceiling fan gently chopped the air and disturbed the shadows.

Steven was filling one of the booths, his huge mass spilling across the table and out into the bar. Only two others were in at the moment, both of whom Daniel recognised, wearing sandy coloured 19th century African explorer outfits complete with wide brimmed hats both leaning on the bar and engaged in a heated discussion about macro economics. He squeezed himself into the other side of the booth from Steven and waved at the bar, a poor excuse for a tiger costume emerged from one side of the bar and wandered over to them. “What’ll it be?” it asked in a gruff and growly voice.

“A tiger!? In Africa?” Steve and Daniel chorused together.

“Sh!!” answered the two explorers at the bar.

The tiger didn’t seem to get the joke or pay any further heed to the two at the bar, stood on it’s rear legs and holding a notepad and pen in its huge paws.

“The usual.” said Daniel and passed a token from his personal field of view to the tiger’s paw.

“I’ll have the malt of the moment.” Steven reached over and touched the tiger too, passing his own authentication packet. It nodded curtly, causing the misshapen costume head to wobble alarmingly on its shoulders, and wandered back around to the bar. Daniel heard his oven firing up in his pod. “I really need to see if I can add a sense of humour to that bot.”

“You’re going to casually solve one of the persistent problems of AI development in order to improve the bar-bot?” Daniel replied and tried to cross his legs, bumped into Steven’s massive frame and put them back where they were.

“Sure, why not? I’ve done two impossible things already this morning. Speaking of which, are you going to compromise your moral values, demand a refund from the FSF and sell your soul to Oriel?”

Daniel squirmed sightly uncomfortably, “It is a shit-load of money they’re offering and I really need a new oven.” Steven’s drink had appeared on the table, nestling between two folds of his fat, Daniel could still here his own pods oven rumbling away. “Plus, I haven’t visited meat-space in nearly a year.”