Nokia E70. Nice.

I got a new phone, it’s very cute…

The Nokia E70 []. It’s dead good. Not only does it connect with 3G but my new contract from T-Mobile gives me unlimited data allowance (as long as I dont bit torrent movies or use it as a modem). Finally I can get all my email on the move which, in my current line of work, shall be a god send.

I’ve even installed putty for Symbian on it so I can ssh into my webserver. How cool is that!?

But how do you type anything on ssh in any reasonable length of time? You ask. It has a full querty keyboard that is revealed when you open the calm shell, otherwise it just looks like a slightly chunkier standard Nokia.

A snip at £210 from your local friendly e-bay dealer!

4 Replies to “Nokia E70. Nice.”

  1. I’m still happier with my solution of using a separate PDA and a smaller size phone that I can use as a Bluetooth modem for my PDA. I don’t end up holding a brick against my ear, I don’t have to deal with Symbian OS, I get a decent size screen for when I need it and a phone sized phone for when I need that. I read some interesting articles recently that the supposed reason that Palm et al hadn’t made a splash in Europe is that while their phones and PDA are very practical, they’re ugly as sin and given the European tendancy to treat mobiles as fashion accessories, they’d never take off there. Any thoughts on that?

  2. I went with a T-mobile web’n’walk package to actually provide connection but the Ts’n’Cs dictate that using it as a modem for a separate PDA would be frowned upon. This one is the least brick-like device I’ve ever met with this level of functionality and is significantly better than my existing XDA, I’ve never really got the hang of using s stylus and it really is a brick, and much better than the Treo m600 I had in my previous job who’s keyboard was abismal. So far I’m pretty happy with SymbianOS, the phone interface is very similar to any other given Nokia which I’ve always liked because of the KISS principle.

    Phones are definitely a fashion accessory over here indeed, the T-mobile sim came with a free phone a Motorola V6 in gold and Dolche and Gabbna branding.

    As to Palm not making a splash I’ve never had a separate Palm PDA but the phone-combo Treo I had was awful in a large number of ways, admittedly the worst of these was that it’s a god-awful phone.

    As functionality in phones covers more and more traditionally PDA functions anyway I don’t see this sort of convergence going away anytime soon and the N70 is easily the best example I’ve seen.

  3. Ah, well that sucks. Here, basically your data plans are sold in volume. Given how big web pages have gotten, I think you’d be insane to purchase anything other than an unlimited plan (seriously, who uses less than 30mb a month?), but there aren’t really any restrictions after you’ve bought it (well, depending on carrier – Verizon out here break almost every function on their phones to force you to spend more money, but T-Mobile, who we use too, are a lot more reasonable).

    I think it all depends on what you want your PDA/Phone to do. Nokia have the form down, and simplicity, from what I hear anyway. Blackberry for E-mail addicts but it’s worthless for anything else. Windows Mobile for compatibility and cheapness, but it’s nasty and resets, and Palm for those who want a laptop they can fit in their pocket for word processing and web browsing. At least, that’s the way it breaks down in my head. The newer Treos seem to have a pretty good keyboard, and are the standard equipment for a lot of people here – for instance, the nationwide Real Estate Association here uses a Palm based app to allow agents to quickly access listings, and also for logging who goes into and out of houses on the market. The reviews I’ve seen of the newer Treos would seem to suggest that the phone quality is outstanding on them, so that’s at least one thing they’ve fixed.

    I guess my problem with combining PDA functionality with a phone is that what I want to do with a PDA, at least, requires a bigger screen than I’ll ever find acceptable on a phone. I want a small phone, and a big PDA.

  4. While to N70’s screen isn’t large it is very high resolution – every website I’ve visted with it is entirely readable…

    Eventually, of course I want a device that sits (and stays) in my pocket but gives me a heads up display in my glasses, picks up my voice and delivers audio via the same… oh and projects a keyboard into space in front of me and detects where i wave my fingers.

    Not sure if such a device falls into the phone, PDA or science fiction category but frankly the capabilities of current devices were science fiction less than a decade ago!