Moving Websites

Well at the moment (on which lives all of the various websites I look after) is up but this is unusual (over the past few weeks anyway). I’m not quite clear what the problem is, support have been very coy about the matter, as far as I can tell their httpd is grinding to a virtual halt at regular intervals and occasionaly the mail service goes down too. They assure me that they have upgraded the server over the weekend to try to make it more robust and that their developers are working on the problem but it is getting silly, the service is called pay-as-you-host and for a lot of the time I am paying and they are not hosting.

Moving everything will of course be a complete bitch but it won’t cost me very much more to run my own server (either a hired SUN Raq from UK2 or my own box hosted at . Since I’d have to pay a years worth of service in a oner, I can’t afford it till the beginning of March so have got until then to sort themselves out. To be honest I might just do it anyway, I could quite fancy owning my own actual webserver with it’s own actual fixed IP address.

Goes to look for a cheap 1u server on ebay…