I’m enjoying this now…

I know the feeling will probably pass, but the novel writing expedition is really becoming enjoyable. Had another fine write-in session with some of the other Nanoers in Mono again, came home and watched a bit of crap telly and decided I’d actually rather be writing because that would be more fun and have largely been doing just that for the rest of the evening – aside from a brief pause for dinner.

So I’m stopping for the evening having reached 15,113 words, a mere 1557 short of where I should be by today (16,670). The story however is rolling along nicely and the characters aren’t deviating from the plot outline in any drastic way, indeed the main protagonist and the Femme Fatal have just hopped in the sack together as planned.

An excerpt from today’s work, nothing too steamy…

For Daniel the idea of living in meat space was as alien and far removed as the idea of living in a cave had been to his great grand parents. The virtual world his pod connected him to was the real world. This place, this room with its physical clothing, soft downy bed and view of a garden with living plants was more like an illusion.

He was still staring out of the window reflecting on the world as his reflection stared back, when a door chime sounded, he automatically reached for the answer icon on the comm panel displayed in front of him by the pinc-nez interface before realising that he didn’t have one for this sort of door. “Um, come in?” he called.

The door slipped open sideways, Terry’s elegant form filling it. She was wearing a deep purple coloured dress hung on the edges of her shoulders revealing the long curve of her neck and a daring amount of her breasts as it hung open almost to her navel. Her hair was elegantly bundled into a steeple, decorated with a matching pin and her trademark stray lock remained but had been curled to spring rather than hang in front of her left eye.

Daniel gasped as he drank the vision in. He had selected one of the suits, the label said it was by Ghost of Armani, and a round collared shirt with mother of pearl buttons and had been surprised by the comfort the outfit afforded him. Terry was also casting a critical eye up and down him.

“You look much better.” She told him.

“Thanks you look,” he was stumped for a moment and his jaw worked soundlessly “Absolutely stunning.” he concluded.

She rewarded him with a dazzling smile. “Thank you. Shall we?” she gestured out of the door she stood at.

Daniel realised that he had been standing transfixed on the spot at the other side of the room. “Yes, yes, of course.” He hastily came across the room and stepped out of the door beside her, as it hissed shut behind them she offered him her arm. Nervously he slipped his arm through it. The scent of her perfume tickled his nose and he felt his stomach churn involuntarily in a small rush of adrenaline.
She led him along the corridor to the elevator and down to the ground floor atrium where a few other couples, not necessarily all of the opposite sex, were sitting together on the benches or wandering in the same direction that Terry was leading him, down through a different ground level corridor to another building he had not yet visited.

The smells of cooking food met his nostrils as they entered, a medley of different spices, meats, vegetables and fruits the likes of which he had never experienced before. “Ah!” he exclaimed.

“Often imitated, never matched.” Terry told him, turning her head with a smile and a wink. They rounded the corridor and arrived in the restaurant, a long low room sunk down a meter from the door they had arrived at affording them an panoramic view of the place, warmly lit with lamps hanging from the ceilings with multicoloured stained glass shades sending splashes of paint onto the surfaces, private booths of leather lined chairs and mahogany tables with clusters of candles flickering dancing shadows across the faces of the hundred or more people enjoying their meals from fine porcelain with silver cutlery. A buzz of muffled conversation and snatches of laughter filled the space where waiters and waitresses in silver service black and whites eased gracefully between the tables.