Ill. Yuck.

I have Bronchitis and feel terrible. Obviously I’m fit enough now to sit up in bed and use the computer but this is still in between bouts of coughing and a fever that will not bugger off until I have sweated my way through every piece of clothing I own and flooded the matress.

This came on during New Year’s Day, though I didn’t think it was anything other than a cold. The next day I’d driven half way to Hull before deciding that a) I might well make it to Hull but would probaly spend the rest of the week there Ill in the Hotel bed b) I could turn around and go home and be ill there instead and c) I wish I’d taken these decisions earlier. The drive home was fairly uncomfortable but I managed it safely and went to bed. I’ve largely been there since.

Doctor didn’t think there was any bacterial infection but prescribed an anti-biotic to take but only if it didn’t start to clear up in a couple of days and on account of my history of athsma. I like Doctors who don’t dish them out like sweeties… seems like I dont need them after all at the moment.

What’s annoying is I was ready to go back to work, I was looking forward to it and I know being off is screwing up timetables for my colleagues Oh well, hopefully I’ll be right as rain by the weekend.

2 Replies to “Ill. Yuck.”

  1. Hopefully! I sympathise. At least you were sensible enough to go to the doctor about it, unlike some people I could name…