Feeling Big Headed

I just completed the Herald’s Wee Stinker crossword (sadly they don’t put the Stinker up on the website) for the first time ever! With only a small amount of help from my Dad – without the pointer to G.K. Chesterton, I’d never have found the poem referred to by several of the clues. You need a proper dictionary to solve MYOPS’s clues – not even Wikipedia knows that an Atoc is a type of skunk, but a large enough Chambers does.

Only problem is, if I win the coveted Wee Stinker T-Shirt I’ll feel obligated to give it to my Dad who has been entering his solution every week for years without winning!

It’s been a good first day of my holiday, largely spent battling with the crossword, all I need to do now is my expenses submission for work (sigh) and pack ready for the off to Glastonbury (hooray).

2 Replies to “Feeling Big Headed”

  1. My dad only buys the herald on a Monday and its only for the wee stinker.

    He has won the t-shirt a number of times now, in fact every so often he seems stops winning so changes name and address to my grans or mine and starts winning again. lol.