Brief Sidetrack – The smoking argument for an epiphenomenal brain

Why cigarettes affect your mind more than your mind affects cigarettes…

I am very happy to say that since I wrote this item I have quit cigarettes!

Mind apparently thinks: “I want a cigarette.”
Body quite automatically starts getting one out of the packet and lights it.
Mind thinks: “Why did I think i wanted a cigarette? I am very well aware that:

  • They slowly kill me
  • I am addicted to them
  • The only reason I crave cigarettes is because cigarettes themselves cause craving
  • Worse: The only “pleasure” I get from smoking is relieving that same craving

    The mind continues: “So if I didn't smoke I wouldn't crave smoking and I would not miss the “pleasure” of smoking because I would not have the craving to relieve.”

    So the mind surely can't have been the origin of the thought: “I want a cigarette”. It is cleverer than that.

    But it wasn't the nicotine in me that originated the thought “I want a cigarette”. It is just a chemical after all.

    So what was it? The brain itself reacting to the deprivation of a drug?

    Who's in charge here? Brain or mind or both?

    Answer: The cigarettes are firmly in control at the moment.