Bad Vista. No Biscuit.

Bad Vista. No Biscuit.

I randomly discovered the web site last night. A site dedicated to shining a big bright light on all of Vista’s failings and chuckling quietly as companies like Dell and even US Government agencies abandon it.

They have their own logo already, of course, but the phrase “Bad Vista. No Biscuit.” immediately sprang into my mind, probably Cleodhna’s fault – she was once planning to put her dog in a t-shirt that said “Bad Prime Minister. No Biscuit.” and take it to an anti-war march.

The result is some re-gimping of their logo to what you see on the left. I also did an American “Bad Vista. No Cookie.” version.

Both of these are released under the Free Art License.

Graphics by GIMP

One Reply to “Bad Vista. No Biscuit.”

  1. Hee. I like your logo better, with its entirely unsubtle comparison of Vista with an objectionable substance one occasionally finds on one’s shoes when dog owners are unvigilant.