10,000 words on a trip to Derby

So work took me to Derby at the beginning of the week which, I’m very glad to say, went fine as I was implementing a solution using software I’d written. Last night though the local Derby NaNoWriMos were having a write-in meeting which I gate crashed.

We had a marvelous time writing and chatting and I discovered this morning that I actually passed the psychologically important 10k word barrier while I was there but didn’t realise it at the time because my laptop’s battery ran out and the machine shut down before I could check my final word count.

There are pictures of the event here

So at 10,004 words I am still a little behind where I should be (13,336 by the close of play today) but that is not insurmountable in a good evenings noveling tonight. Assuming I can stay awake as I did get up at 04:30 to catch my flight back to Glasgow and have come straight into work.

A brief excerpt from recent work:

Unplugging was always a disturbing feeling for Daniel. Peeling off the immersion suit and goggles and seeing the pod around him, three meters square and empty but for a tray mounted on a robotic arm that could lift items from the oven, set into one wall, and hold them in the space corresponding to the field of view his goggles gave him and catch items if he put them down. Lights winked on a rack of computers that served his local site, kept his personal data store and ran a range of other software essential to maintaining his life with a classic screen and keyboard neatly folded away.

Daniel carefully unwrapped the tube hovering under his nose to deliver the smells of the virtual objects of the net and gently vacuum away mucus. The smell of his own body immediately enveloped him and made him gag slightly. It’d been two weeks since he’d last peeled off the suit to shower. His beard was stubbly across his face and uneven where it met the knotted mess of his hair – using an electric razor when the image in the mirror doesn’t exactly correspond to the location of ones face had that effect.

With the suit peeled down to his waste he carefully stepped off of the conveyor pad on the floor and pushed a button on the wall. A water pipe extended from the ceiling and drizzled water onto him, already warmed by waste heat collected from the equipment making up his pod and impregnated with soap.

Daniel lathered himself down and gritted his teeth before un-slinging the last of the suit from around his waste, gently needing the complicated attachments away from his cock and ass as the glue that held them there gradually dissolved. He kicked the suit away and stood under the water, shivering despite the warmth feeling very naked and alone.