Now with sexy threaded comments…

Work proceeds apace with the WordPress experiment here on (with a view to using it for

I now have not only an anti-spam authorising image doohickey BUT ALSO nested, collapsable comments. Edit: Now added Subscribe to Comments tick box too…

Next part of the plan is to build in support for linking stuff written in CamelCase straight to an associated wiki (there is a handy plugin that, with a little modification, should do this for me).

Anyone involved in the project, your comments on how the comments work on this blog are most welcome along with suggestions for layout/colour scheme/etc for the actual design of the site.

There are some templates here, here, here and here. Decide which shape you like, all colours and pictures can be edited as appropriate.

I’m Back!

It has been a long time coming, but the old has been needing to be updated or decomissioned. The former is tricky because it doesn’t live on webspace with pretty things like MySQL or PHP so we are forced to resort to the latter.

My old LiveJournal Blog has been sadly neglected for a long time so it’s about time it also got suitably revised or ditched.

Finally I’ve become involved with The Plan which meant I needed to get to grips with a suitably powerful piece of blog-management software like WordPress.

The result of this is the sexy new website which uses aforementioned WordPress, has old LJ posts imported and will (gradually) have any other useful tip-bits from the old site transported over.

Everything is currently a work in progress and I, notoriously, have little time to devote to it.

Back to the Nursery!

Remember being a baby?
Remember learning language?
These questions and more addressed in the continuing Philosophical Experiment involving the Close Examination of Jamie's Brain (final title undecided)!