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Art and More Bathing

Monday 28th April

Our second day in Hakone is not quite as frantic a chase around the major sites. We have two places on our tourism hit-list today: The Open Air Museum and a swim-suit wearing communal bath we can splash around together in.

National Parks, By Train and Lots of Bathing

Sunday 27th – Tuesday 29th April 2008

Last time I came half way around the world, by chance my friend Richard from Glasgow was also in Tokyo, flown out on short notice by his company and we spent a most enjoyable evening together. This time around Gavin and Jessie are also out here on holiday, indeed by this stage they’ve been here for a week, largely enjoying the sights in Kyoto which I insisted they make the main part of their trip, feeling as I did that I could happily have spent much more time in the ancient capital. They have arrived by Shinkansen back to Tokyo station and made it round to Shinjuku and meet us at the planned spot. Natsuko has worked things out with military precision. Together we embark the Romance Car limited express train to Hakone.

Travel, Jetlag and Lack of Sleep

Friday 25th – Saturday 26th April 2008

The basic problems with traveling to the other side of the globe are of course manifold. Firstly there is the inhuman time one must get out of bed when getting a plane from Edinburgh airport that departs at 6am – for a check-in sometime after 4am but before 05:40 at the latest you need to jump out of bed, shiny and fit, at around 3 and be on the road half an hour later. There are advantages, though they are few, this is the only time of day when one may get along the Clydeside Roller Coaster (the stretch of road formerly known as the Clydeside Express Way) and the M8 in a spanky quick time – it is much easier to get through the neck of this bottle when there is nothing else in the way. Care must be taken not to be so relaxed, however, that one falls asleep at the wheel – this would be a poor start to one’s holiday.