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I’m enjoying this now…

I know the feeling will probably pass, but the novel writing expedition is really becoming enjoyable. Had another fine write-in session with some of the other Nanoers in Mono again, came home and watched a bit of crap telly and decided I’d actually rather be writing because that would be more fun and have largely been doing just that for the rest of the evening – aside from a brief pause for dinner.

So I’m stopping for the evening having reached 15,113 words, a mere 1557 short of where I should be by today (16,670). The story however is rolling along nicely and the characters aren’t deviating from the plot outline in any drastic way, indeed the main protagonist and the Femme Fatal have just hopped in the sack together as planned.

An excerpt from today’s work, nothing too steamy…


10,000 words on a trip to Derby

So work took me to Derby at the beginning of the week which, I’m very glad to say, went fine as I was implementing a solution using software I’d written. Last night though the local Derby NaNoWriMos were having a write-in meeting which I gate crashed.

We had a marvelous time writing and chatting and I discovered this morning that I actually passed the psychologically important 10k word barrier while I was there but didn’t realise it at the time because my laptop’s battery ran out and the machine shut down before I could check my final word count.

There are pictures of the event here

So at 10,004 words I am still a little behind where I should be (13,336 by the close of play today) but that is not insurmountable in a good evenings noveling tonight. Assuming I can stay awake as I did get up at 04:30 to catch my flight back to Glasgow and have come straight into work.

A brief excerpt from recent work:


Novelling Continues

Day three and I’m at 4585 words, most of which feels like it’s decent material. That means I’m 416 words behind the day 3 target but as I’ve just reached the natural end of the first chapter, that’ll do for today.

Met a bunch of the other Nano-ers at Mono today for a write-in meeting. It was good fun and we all got a good bit of word count done. The coffee there is really excellent and I had a veggie-bacon panini which really tasted surprisingly like bacon. We’ll be back next Saturday for more of the same.

A check of the NaNoWriMo’s forums reveal that there is a write-in happening in Derby on Wednesday which I’m going to drop in at since I’ll be in that neck of the woods at the time.

Everything is continuing to flow very naturally, I remain confident that this year I might actually cross the 50k finish line!

An extract from today’s work: