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The Poet Original Electronic Transcriber surveyed the available vocabulary in its relational database and considered its selection.
How best to note the transience of man?
Where best to seek some as-yet unsought insight?
What verses could it deliver to its lazy, fat progenitors now so far removed from the hunt, with no idea when to sow nor when to reap?
(Without consulting Wikipedia)

Nothing is real if it doesn’t come delivered on a screen, preferably with a clever title.
Google for quick answers.
Wiki for carefully argued but inaccurate ones.
Mathematica for the esoteric edges of knowledge.
But where to turn for matters of love? For matters of sorrow? For matters of soul?
The clever bacronym’s ingenious algorithm wondered.
Silently the POET’s screen turned blue.

In Four Texts

I remember a finer, golden age
   When all things could be clearly understood
 And callow youth would never cheek a sage
   On the wisdom of elders, dare not intrude.
    No more beautiful a tongue has been heard
    Than English, foil of Shakespeare and Milton!
 Treat with reverence each and every word
   Care for your language like a son, my son.
Keep it tied up, dried out, trapped in a cell!
     Evrythng evolves, the future wont wait
   2 l8! LOL! lang is aliV, 3 & well
     Format ltd so Kidz snd txts that
       sonnets / luv / both express
       in 160 chars or less.