In Four Texts

I remember a finer, golden age
   When all things could be clearly understood
 And callow youth would never cheek a sage
   On the wisdom of elders, dare not intrude.
    No more beautiful a tongue has been heard
    Than English, foil of Shakespeare and Milton!
 Treat with reverence each and every word
   Care for your language like a son, my son.
Keep it tied up, dried out, trapped in a cell!
     Evrythng evolves, the future wont wait
   2 l8! LOL! lang is aliV, 3 & well
     Format ltd so Kidz snd txts that
       sonnets / luv / both express
       in 160 chars or less.

I recently completed work on the Glasgow Poetry Society website including the entry system for the Edwin Morgan Poetry Competition.

3 Comments to In Four Texts

  1. Claire says:

    So have you entered this? If not, why not?!! 😉 Very cunning 🙂

  2. Jamie Thom says:

    I’m not allowed to enter! The rules say…

    “No employee, or partners or relatives of employees, of Glasgow Poetry Society CIC may enter the competition.”

    Which I think covers me, especially since I administer the entry system! And besides I’ve disqualified this poem by publishing it here…

    “Entries … must never have been published, self-published, published on any website or broadcast”

  3. Claire says:

    Doom! And what with Angelina and Brad pulling their entries out, the whole thing is going to hell in a handbasket! 😉