The ninja attack was swift and unexpected, a flurry of blows exploding out of the darkness taking all of the skill and wit my master had ever bestowed upon me to fend them off. Luckily my katana was to hand and in a dancing blur of blade work I dispatched my foes then collapsed on the floor breathing heavily and nursing my wounded wrist.

That would be a much more exciting explanation of what happened but in fact I simply slipped on the wet changing room floor at the hotel’s pool and landed heavily and awkwardly on my left wrist, causing a closed fracture in my left scaphoid radius*. So i spent four hours last night in A&E and am now proudly sporting a plaster cast around my first ever broken bone.


* My mistake – it is the much easier to heal radius that is fractured, not the scaphoid.

3 Comments to Ouch.

  1. Cleodhna says:


    I like the ninja explanation better.

  2. Jamie Thom says:

    The ninja explanation is completely true. Apart from the ninjas and katana bit.

  3. Bob says:


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