Now with sexy threaded comments…

Work proceeds apace with the WordPress experiment here on (with a view to using it for

I now have not only an anti-spam authorising image doohickey BUT ALSO nested, collapsable comments. Edit: Now added Subscribe to Comments tick box too…

Next part of the plan is to build in support for linking stuff written in CamelCase straight to an associated wiki (there is a handy plugin that, with a little modification, should do this for me).

Anyone involved in the project, your comments on how the comments work on this blog are most welcome along with suggestions for layout/colour scheme/etc for the actual design of the site.

There are some templates here, here, here and here. Decide which shape you like, all colours and pictures can be edited as appropriate.

12 Comments to Now with sexy threaded comments…

  1. Jamie Thom says:

    Nested comments? What, really?

  2. Gareth says:

    Looks good. I like Mars Spirit, perhaps a deep maroon like the Monkey icon? I don’t know if that might get a bit tough on the eyes after a while, though. How much adaption can we use with these? Shift around the order of link blocks, calendars and the like? I’m glad things are progressing, thanks for all the hard work you’re putting in.

  3. Gareth says:

    Apparently. Huzzah! I’m really not sure about how thin the text column is in this, though. The amount of material being fitted into such a small space as the threaded comments get further is not a good thing at all.

  4. Jamie Thom says:

    Yes this is quite narrow but it is a three column layout. Two column layouts leave much more space for the main content.

    Anything can be shifted anywhere. Calendar, links, categories, whatever.

    Any colour can be changed.

  5. Gareth says:

    Incidentally, I didn’t get an E-mail notification. I have to say I really don’t like having the comment area so small – that was a problem with the layout I cited, as well, which was needless given that was only a 2 column layout. It’s something I think we’ll have to work with.

  6. Helen says:

    Oops, ignore what I said in my email, your captcha seems to be working now!

  7. Helen says:

    Yikes, your layout changed completely when I posted that comment. I guess you must be tinkering. 🙂

  8. Sara says:

    I like either Kubrick or Grass. These nested comments aren’t showing properly on my browsers, though.

  9. Helen says:

    Hmm, this layout is pretty. *Contemplates tinkering with her own blog* Must resist! Do…not…have…time!

  10. Jamie Thom says:

    Hi Sara,

    What browser is giving problems? I’ve tried IE 5 and 6 and a few Geckos and they all seemed OK.

  11. Jamie Thom says:

    Yes it is quite pretty but a tad narrow for this nested comment thingy… back to the drawing board perhaps!